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Of Narus and high bandwidth alternatives to Tor

GeorgeDS wrote:
> We will obviously continue to disagree about these. I recently came
> across http://www.narus.com/products/index.html which describes a line
> of products that allow large ISPs and broadband carriers to monitor
> everything that flows across their network. Virtually every protocol can
> be identified, and everything from any IP can be assembled into a stream
> and it's contents examined. That barely begins to describe what the
> Narus tools can do. If you care about privacy, this is really creepy.

I love how they describe VoIP traffic as "revenue leakage",
characterizing it as "unauthorized" or "illegal":


As if somehow ISPs have to protect themselves from people *gasp* sending
_data_ over the pipes.

Now, I know that Tor is not intended for high-bandwidth usage -- what
is? IIP, maybe? I don't know about the various alternatives.

 - Tim McCormack