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Re: netscan from exit-node


On 01.10.2007 16:15 Niels Laakmann wrote:
> I set up a tor-server with an Exit-Policy. A few weeks ago, my
> Server-Hoster shut down, my IP-Subnet because the Tor-Server
> has done some IP-scans.

you are hosting by Hetzner, right? ;-) I get those automaticly generated
netscan-mails frequently. Some times they shut down the single Tor IP,
some time they shutdown the whole subnet. Depends on their mood (or
better: the mood of that IDS).

But the funny thing is, that they claim, the netscan abused a
*considerable* amount of ressources. So everytime I get this kind of
email, I calculate the amount of generated traffic and look how long the
scan lasted. Then I calculate the bandwidth and write them, that they
can't be serious and I demand the freeing of my IPs. Pretty simple
actually. To speed things up, you could write the "Rechenzentrum" your
server is located in.