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Re: Torbutton 1.1.8-alpha (Usability improvements)

Thus spake MB (mangoblues@xxxxxxxxx):

> Could you please also make it compatible with Thunderbird ?
> Torbutton 1.4 installs (and works) fine with Thunderbird after editing 
> the config file in the xpi package to allow Thunderbird to install it.
> I suppose it should works as well with the new version ?

Hrmm, unlikely. Most of the stuff the new Torbutton does is very
tightly coupled to Firefox 2.0 behavior and recently created
"unfrozen" interfaces and events. Even just supporting
Mozilla/Seamonkey properly would probably require a lot of rewriting,
and a lot of luck wrt specific behaviors being the same, or even being

However, the one good thing we have going for us is that I would think
email clients would be much more careful about running random
code/plugins that are sent to them. If the thunderbird folks are
actually careful about what they allow html email to do, it should be
fine to continue running the standard Torbutton, and we probably
should create a seperate stripped down "Thunderbutton" extension or
something like this specifically for thunderbird (ie something not too
much different than torbutton 1.0.4).

What sort of security does thunderbird employ for html mail by
default? Does it allow html mail to run javascript, post forms to
random websites, run java applets, and/or arbitrary plugins (flash,
quicktime, etc)? If it allows any of these things, 1.0.4 may not be

Mike Perry
Mad Computer Scientist
fscked.org evil labs

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