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Re: Incognito Live CD using Polipo


> I am considering changing the Incognito LiveCD to use Polipo.

Excellent news.

> Polipo config - 
> https://tor-svn.freehaven.net/svn/incognito/branches/polipo/root_overlay/etc/polipo/

First point -- you'll definitely want to set disableLocalInterface.

Since you're running with no on-disk cache, you will also want to
increase the memory cache.  No hard guidelines -- it depends on the
machine's memory -- (The default in Polipo 1.0.3 is 24 MB or 1/4 the
machine's memory, whichever is less.  1.0.2 and earlier use 8 MB).

> serverSlots=4
> serverMaxSlots=8

I think that more experience is needed with finding the right value
for serverSlots.  I'm running polipo with serverSlots set to 2,
4 might be overkill.

On a related note, you'll also want to decrease maxConnectionAge and
maxConnectionRequests.  I suggest 5 minutes and 120 connections, respec-
tively.  Plese see


> censorReferer=maybe

Yep.  This is a reasonable compromise -- doesn't leak too much memory
while not breaking most sites.

> censoredHeaders=from, accept-language, x-pad, link, warning

Don't censor Warning -- it allows the server to send information to
the user, not the other way around.

Any suggestion for additional censorings?


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