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Re: headers in email

On 10/8/07, Florian Reitmeir <florian@xxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> Sure. thats a really good hidden service,
> As sender ..
> - i don't know where the server is, and who its operating..

You wouldn't really know that in any case. Or rather you'd know where
you found out about it, and the same would be true.

More importantly, I'd rather not have the rest of the world knowing
the box is connected to tor. Tor hosts aren't normally mail relays,
and idiots blocking tor exits from mail would just discourage people
from running exits yet wouldn't stop spam.

> As receiver
> - i see a open relay ..

Anything that allows mail through tor is technically an open relay.
Whats your point?

I wasn't suggesting the server be SMTP open to the internet, however.

> As user
> - is send a mail, and someone alters it, because he feels it rights.. or
>         thinks its "the best" todo
> Its truly the best combination of all Tor can provide.

Oh please, the purpose of making it an explictly selected service is
so that the user would be opting in and be fully aware of the
implications of using it.

I also didn't intend to suggest altering mail beyond headers, which is
something mail servers normally do.  Spam filter doesn't mean alter
the message it means reject or drop it completely.

Anyone not doing that is going to just going to get blocked right away
in any case.