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Re: [privoxy-users] Reverse DNS Lookups?

On Sun, Oct 14, 2007 at 02:16:16PM -0700, icmp30 wrote:
> > I obviously misunderstand Privoxy/Tor and would be grateful for an
> > explanation!
> I think your browser and/or privoxy is not configured correctly.  Once you
> straighten out the configuration issues then you get to deal with the problem
> of plug-ins leaking info.  I don't know where the Tor group is with that..

See https://tor.eff.org/download#Warning (item #2).

> but
> it seems like the only resolution is to disable all plugins.

Right. The dev version of Torbutton does this by default:

>  I've been reading
> things about running your browser session inside a virtual machine that sends
> all of the network traffic through Tor

Right. See for example JanusVM or Xerobank VM. (Actually, rather than
running the browser inside the VM, some people think the better approach
is to run the Tor client in the VM and handle the network there too.)

Alternatively, you can redirect your network traffic through Tor directly
with iptables/pf on Linux/BSD, using the TransPort feature that tup
helped add:

> but I don't if or how well that works.

Quite so. One day one of them will write a clear set of documentation for
how to configure the VM and associated apps, what security properties
they aim to get, etc, and then people will have a chance to judge how
well the implementations match up with the design goals. I am optimistic
that this approach will turn out to be the right way to run a Tor client
for people who a) need to stay on Windows and b) have the horsepower
for the extra VM layer. But there are still some missing steps.