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Re: Spam over Tor

On Thu, Oct 25, 2007 at 09:13:34AM +0200, Lexi Pimenidis wrote:

> our computing center had supported us (commodore64) for quite some
> while from a lot of hassle (Thanks folks!). However, since a couple of
> days, someone is using the Yahoo-Webinterface to send Spam. While the
> nice folk at the computing center helped us in dealing with people
> that got pwned and stuff, they have no understanding whatsoever for
> Spam.

What exactly is happening? Somebody is using your Tor exit node to
access a website (yahoo mail) and using that to send spam? And this is
being traced back to you by the spam being traced back to Yahoo, and
Yahoo checking their webmail logs and finding your exit node's IP?

One thing you *could* do is block Yahoo! mail in your server's exit
policy, though it sounds to me like this is Yahoo!'s problem for
allowing spam rather than yours...

Dave Page <grimoire@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Jabber: grimoire@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx