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Re: Firefox IPv6 Anonymity bypass

Nice find!

Thanks for reporting it.

On 10/25/07, Nick 'Zaf' Clifford <zaf@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:
Hey ya,

Just noticed one small problem with Tor + Firefox + IPv6.
I'm aware that Tor doesn't yet support IPv6, but I found an interesting
development with respect to a system that has IPv6 configured and working.

If you are using Tor (and have Firefox configured to use the HTTP
proxy), Firefox will not use the proxy for IPv6 traffic. This means that
if you visit a website using Tor, and it has a img, href, etc to a ipv6
hostname, Firefox will happily connect with your native IPv6 connection
(bypassing Tor).

The work around for this is to disable Ipv6 (about:config,
network.dns.disableIPv6 = true)

I guess this is a bug with Firefox rather than Tor, but it should be
noted in a wiki somewhere, as IPv6 is becoming more and more prevalent
and networks are becoming connected. It is of great concern for those in
China, where IPv6 is being rolled out at a great rate of knots.