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Re: Tor is out

On Sun, Oct 28, 2007 at 10:39:08PM +0800, John Kimble wrote:
> For those who depend on __allDirActionsPrivate (e.g. to stay under the
> radar of an overzealous WebSense filter), this means every time after
> running Vidalia, you'll have to edit torrc and add
> "__allDirActionsPrivate 1" back in.

Hi John,

While this does in fact sound like a Vidalia bug worth looking into
(and I'll let Matt tackle it), here's an answer to your other question
that you didn't realize you should ask. :)

Go into the Vidalia -> Settings -> Network and click on the box next to
"My ISP blocks connections to the Tor network", then save. Even if you
don't add any bridges, Tor will do some smart things internally.

You can get the same effect by setting
TunnelDirConns 1
in your torrc.

(But again, we haven't set this to be the default yet, because we don't
want to force steps in the arms race until we're ready for more steps.)

Hope that helps,