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RE: Email sent through Tor, Problem

     On Wed, 31 Oct 2007 03:28:38 +0000 Faqeer ALI <faqeerali@xxxxxxxxxxx>

>Yeah i am pretty much sure, because i have traced the first ip ie my isp's.
>it gives some information like this.
>2.       PAKISTAN  ------------------> MY IP.
>3.         PAKISTAN
>4,   Islamabad, Pakistan
>5.   Pakistan
>6.    Pakistan
>7.   Pakistan
>8.      Herndor, USA
    [remainder of unnecessary garbage deleted  --SB]
     Look.  They have been asking you a question that is very simple to
answer, and you continue to obfuscate.  You need to know, at most, two
addresses to answer the question:  the IP address assigned to your system
by your ISP's {DHCP, PPPoE, PPPoA, etc.} server and the address of the
exit server used by your tor client to connect to hotmail.com's web interface
for mail.  The question is then answered by checking to see whether either
of those addresses matches the address in the header you have been claiming
reveals your IP address.  That's all they have been asking you to do.  Please
do that, or else stop wasting time and bandwidth on the list.

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