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Re: Email sent through Tor, Problem


the email you sent me indicates that you connected through the server Blutmagie at domain blutmagie.de

Tor and hotmail work well together. Your true IP was not sent to me.

You must have made a mistake when you did send the email to your friend,
and didn't send it through Tor.
Or you didn't block scripts, and hotmail uses a script or applet to
identify the IP adress.

Viking admin

Faqeer ALI skrev:
> i have read the instructions of tor installation.
>>> To me this looks like you> haven't configured your internet connection, browser or email client> properly.
> i have configured my browser using torbutton,  and for email i am using web, and what about configuring internet connection?
> you can refer to my couple of prev emails to see which plugins i have installed in mozilla-firefox.
>>> http://check.torproject.org/
> i have gone to the check page also, and it states: you are probably using tor.
> viking: i have also sent an email at vikingserver@xxxxxxxxx
> regards
> FQ
>  ----------------------------------------> Date: Wed, 31 Oct 2007 05:23:58 +0100> From: vikingserver@xxxxxxxxx> To: or-talk@xxxxxxxxxxxxx> Subject: Re: Email sent through Tor, Problem>> FQ,>> Are you sure that your web browser was configured to use Tor when you> sent the email?> I have been reading your conversations. To me this looks like you> haven't configured your internet connection, browser or email client> properly. Are you 100 percent sure that you were connected to hotmail> through Tor when you sent the email?> I believe there are only two ways for a web page to get your IP, the> first is if you don't use tor, the second is if you don't block scripts> and small apps from web pages.> If you use MSN instant messaging without going through Tor, it will also> reveal your IP to microsoft. But they shouldn't put your IP in the email> header that way...>> If you want to try again, you could send me an email directly to my> email adress, so that I can see if you reveal yo
ur IP or not. Please> really make sure that your connection goes through Tor, by first going> to this site that checks if your web browser goes through tor:> http://check.torproject.org/. Then go directly to hotmail from your> browser (in the same window) and send me a message.>> I'm in Sweden so you have nothing to fear revealing your IP to me as I'm> clearly not working for your governement, police, girlfriend, wife,> parents, muslim extremist organization, american CIA or other person> you're hiding from. ;-)>> Viking admin>>> Faqeer ALI skrev:>> Yeah i am pretty much sure, because i have traced the first ip ie my isp's.>> it gives some information like this.>>>> 1>>>> 2. PAKISTAN ------------------> MY IP.>>>> 3. PAKISTAN>>>> 4, Islamabad, Pakistan>>>> 5. Pakistan>>>> 6. Pakistan>>>> 7. Pakistan>>>> 8. Herndor, USA>>>> 9. Herndor, USA>>>> 10 China>>>> 11. 202
.97.43.174 China>>>> 12. China>>>> 13. China>>>> 14. China>>>> 15. China>>>> 17. China>>>> End China>>>> Is there any trick to hide the header information while sending email through hotmail.>> Any suggestion?>>>> Regards>> FQ>>>>>> ----------------------------------------> Date: Tue, 30 Oct 2007 19:39:49 -0400> From: phobos@xxxxxxxxxx> To: or-talk@xxxxxxxxxxxxx> Subject: Re: Email sent through Tor, Problem>> On Tue, Oct 30, 2007 at 04:22:38PM +0000, faqeerali@xxxxxxxxxxx wrote 1.8K bytes in 37 lines about:> :> : I have sent an email through web interface from hotmail adress to another hotmail adress.> : The reciver has used the following sofware "http://www.visualware.com/index.html"; and got the details of the routes and hopes that the email had followed.>> Are you sure the receiver traced it back to your internet connection and> not the tor exit server?>> EmailtrackerPro appears to just pars
e the mail headers and map whois> data of the hosts in the headers. It then draws pretty lines between> everything.>> As long as Hotmail is exposing your real IP, this will continue to work.> Can anyone else with a hotmail account verify that hotmail is indeed> getting the real IP for header insertion?>> --> Andr> ew>>>> _________________________________________________________________>> Help yourself to FREE treats served up daily at the Messenger Café. Stop by today.>> http://www.cafemessenger.com/info/info_sweetstuff2.html?ocid=TXT_TAGLM_OctWLtagline
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