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Re: Strange problem with Tor/Scroogle

kr@xxxxxxxxxxx wrote:

> I have sent them an e-mail three days ago because of this issue and
> asked, if they are blocking Tor, but got no answer.

I noticed the same problems with 'ssl.scroogle.org' - not even a 'ping'
was replied! On 2008-09-29 I switched my Tor node at home from an exit
node to a middleman node. Yesterday there where no problems with direct
connections to 'ssl.scroogle.org' anymore.

So I switched my Tor node back to an exit node and as soon my Tor node
was listed as 'exit': same problem! No direct connect to
'ssl.scroogle.org' is possible nor 'pings' are replied.

I wonder, why these guys block IPs of Tor exit nodes ...?