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Re: newbie: tor not working???

Do you access your website across the internet? Do you have any exclusions in your proxy setting?

On Oct 2, 2008, at 7:41 PM, Lawrence Chin wrote:

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Hi everyone. I'm a new user of Tor, and I have some problem, can anyone
help me out here?

I have the tor button on my firefox browser, and when I enabled Tor, I
went on the site www.whatismyip.com to check my ip, and I saw that the
site indeed gave a different ip than my original ip which the same
website gave me when I visited it using IE that has no Tor function.
When I visited google and so on with my tor-enabled firefox I also get
the German version and so on (I'm in USA). But when I visited my own
website in firefox with Tor enabled and then checked my website
statistics log, my original ip was actually logged, and not the Tor
relay ip which whatismyip.com produced when I visited it with Tor
enabled. What's going on? Tor fooled every other site but not my own
site?? My tor is not working then????

(P.S. my site is not located on my computer, but on a third party server.)

Any help would be appreciated.
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