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Re: Tor Exit node on Intel Atom 230 anyone?

On Tue, Oct 07, 2008 at 11:43:53AM +0200, David Kammering wrote:

> I'm currently looking for a new dedicated server to run a exit node on.
> There is a quite interesting offer from EUServ but it is an Intel Atom
> 230 platform.
> Are there any experiences running Tor on that platform?

While I have not run a Tor exit with an Atom, I ran a Tor exit
with EUServ. The bandwidth was okayish initially (1 MByte/s throughput
on an advertised 10 MBit/s flat rodent) but then decayed down to 177 kByte/s.
I complained, to no avail. I then terminated the contract (duration one year).

Also, when I received a faxed complaint from BKA accusing me of peddling
kiddie pr0n the server went offline a few days before the contract expired,
and EUServ support (always sluggish) went completely incommunicado.
Methinks the server was seized for forensic examination. It isn't too
far-fetched to conjecture they logged the entire traffic on authority
request, and then yielded the Tor node key for subsequent decryption.
> The other stats are quite nice: 1 Gig Ram, unlimited 100MBit/sec Traffic
> etc. The provider told me that they have no problems with running exit
> nodes in their network, they even list Tor as possible application in
> their offers.

This smells. Caveat emptor. Use EUServ as middleman at best, if you must.

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