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Re: Thunderbird & Gmail

Thank you anonym,

I´ve found the version you told me and installed it (in a th v1.5.x), and as far as the headers info sent to the receiver it´s ok, it doesn´t leak any thing - only the client version - so it´s impossible to trace the email.

Now I just need to verify that there is no registration of mi ip & other info @ the smpt & pop servers; you told me to sniff the packets; I´m not to involved into sniffers and only used one or two times the wireshark, is there a special technique to do so?


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On 07/10/08 09:14, Gerardo Rodríguez wrote:
Can any body point me in the right direction for installing tor with a
gmail account in thunderbird? I think I installed right with a regular
pop account - and this is the other question - but I don´t find a way to
confirm this (like the browser in http://check.torproject.org/).

One way to confirm that SMTP goes through the Tor network is to simply
send an email to yourself and look at the mail header. Look for sections
like "Received" (the last one) and "X-Original-IP" and make sure that:

1) your real IP address does not appear in them.
2) your SMTP received the email from an IP address/hostname that's a
exit node.

For POP it's more difficult. Try refreshing your inbox and look if a
connection appears in Vidalia. But really, a packet sniffer is the only
way to be sure (and the same goes with SMTP, really).

I used 3proxy with the instructions in https://wiki.torproject.org/noreply/TheOnionRouter/TorifyHOWTO/EMail; now I wonder if tor works at all with gmail. And, may be there is a work around that I´m not aware, but the torbutton does not work for thunderbird, even the developer says so (https://www.torproject.org/torbutton/faq.html.en). Any help will be

The old 1.0.4.x release still works with Thunderbird, and with it
there's no need for 3proxy -- just install the old Torbutton branch in
Thunderbird and configure it if needed and you're set.

Torbutton is essential for Thunderbird when used in combination with
Tor. Without it you will send your real IP address/hostname to the SMTP
server when sending email. Of course, if you're behind a NAT, that's not
a big concern, but I'd still recommend it. For further reading, see:

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