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Re: we seem to have another huge traffic reduction

On Wed, Oct 08, 2008 at 10:52:32AM +0200, Martin Mulazzani wrote:
> In the past few days there was a drop in the number of servers with the
> guard flag set. See the attatched picture. Number of running, running
> exit and running fast servers is as usual.

That sounds like it might be related to bug 696:

The Stable and Guard flags are not really being assigned according to
the spec, in the v3 networkstatus docs. The current theory is that this
is due to corruption in the measurements file for some of the authorities.

We could delete those garbage measurements files and it would probably
recover. But then we'd have less of a chance to figure out what the bug
was, so it would happen again sometime.

Alas, we're busy working on other features right now, so that bug is
getting left alone. Soon I hope! :)