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Tor Socks4a handshake error?

Hey everyone,

 This is a long shot, but...

I'm developing on top of Tor through it's API. I am running Tor as an OP, and I am continuously being rejected by the socks port during the handshake, returning the SOCKS4a error code 91 (or 0x5b = [generic] request rejected or failed). The reject occurs after an attempt to connect through a single hop tunnel in planetlab, in which the remote node is a an exit OR servicing the requested address/port. I am referencing the address in the request with an unresolved domain name (not an IP). Further, the circuit was extended using the API successfully (circuit status = built or extended, does not seem to matter).

Now comes the strange part: When I make the OP and OR (by giving it an ORPort), it works. Any thoughts?

PS - using the tor binary,