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Re: German data rentention law

Dieter Zinke schrieb:

> Tor developers: I demand to ban all german tor server per /1/1/2009 from
> the tor network. Don' t trust the german regulators.
I perceive this as overkill which may severely impair the tor network
without real need at this stage of affairs.

BTW: Although we are talking about the german legislation right now,
please don't forget that we are speaking about the implementation of a
european union directive. The UK's implementation will AFAIK be worse
than the german one. So any 'solution' we find now may have to be
applied to more than germany very soon. If we don't come up with
something more intelligent, then the tor network will loose all nodes
in one country as soon as that country introduces data retention,
until nothing is left.
(And as a side remark: Somebody on or-dev mentioned that we would have
to exclude all nodes _operated_ by german (legal or natural) persons,
no matter where they are.)