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Re: German data rentention law

On Sat, Oct 18, 2008 at 08:36:00PM CEST, Sven Anderson wrote:


> In general I don't like to create the impression that the logging in  
> Tor nodes is so essential for the reliability of Tor. If the trust in  
> Tor would be based on the assumption, that the Tor nodes are not  
> compromised and not logging, the whole concept would be flawed, and I  
> would never support it.

I strongly agree on this one: Tor's strength is to provide security even in
the face of compromised hosts. Any solution which tries to distinct hosts in
"logging territory" and "non-logging territory" is inherently flawed (it
simply doesn't scale: sooner or later there will be no more nodes with
GUARD-flags). After all, onion routing was invented to deal with untrustworthy
nodes. All we would have to do is to extend the security "calculations" by
admitting that a node is not only influenced by its operator, but also a
country's government. (so, e.g. if all people within the same country would
also just put their nodes into the "family"-field, this would be a first
(ugly) fix. but this also doesn't scale, as it's only a theoretical concept)

Also, it should be brought into mind that this problem will not only be a
German one, but rather a European. Hence, IMHO, solutions like picking nodes
in a circuit based on country/jurisdiction would be a better approach[1].

Best Regards,


[1] Shameless plug: the OnionCoffee client has been able to 
		allow users to say that every nodein a circuit needs to be in a 
    different country.
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