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Re: German data rentention law

krishna e bera schrieb:
> However, suppose the technical implementation is something like requiring ISPs 
> to allow wholesale teeing of the pipes as is now done at AT&T in the USA,
> at government/taxpayer expense.
> Then we will not know whether some or all of the data is logged.
Well, that is not something covered by the data retention law, we're
discussing in this thread. That law expressly states that no content
may be logged.
That said, of course there is a different law covering the complete
logging of ones communication by law enforcement agencies which
basically works as you describe. But that is not new but long
existing and the prerequisites for this are still substantial enough
to prevent routine usage. It can't be used for just targeting all Tor
relays and record all their communication. It might probably be used
to target specific relays though. But as I wrote, that has nothing to
do with the new data retention law.
The technical directive may request automatic systems (at least a
large ISPs) which law enforcement agencies could use to retrieve the
desired data without the ISP even knowing it, but it can not be used
to increase the amount of data being logged in the first place.