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Re: Multiple machines using Tor behind NAT

On Mon, October 20, 2008 14:35, Erilenz wrote:
> I get better performance by installing Tor on each of them, or by having
> a single machine with Tor on and then pointing the web browsers on
> each of them at the proxy on that box?
It all boils down to the point on how much you trust your users ;-)
You can even have some fun trying to set up a transparent proxy on your
gateway (be warned that's not too nice if your users will discover you'll
end up routing all their traffic via tor, without a warning)

> I'm guessing that it would be obvious because of the increase in the
> number of directory requests?
Good point. If you need to run Tor on several of your machine, using a
central server would be the best option. Also, see
for a similar issue.

> If I were to install it on just one box and then point all the other
> boxes at it, wouldn't I end up putting all the traffic through a
> smaller number of circuits and thus having a slower network?
I bounce the question to a devel or an expert, IIRC Tor should build up
circuits as the load increase, but take the tip with care ;-)


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