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Re: Copying Tor Directory Info

On Tue, Oct 21, 2008 at 10:29:44AM -0500, Jonathan Addington wrote:
> At one of the places where I use store fetching directory is routinely
> blocked. Can I bootstrap the portable version of Tor (1.2.19, WindowsXP Pro
> SP3) with data from the server ( on Ubuntu 7.10) I run?

No. That wouldn't work because 0.1.2.x uses the v2 directory scheme,
and 0.2.0.x and 0.2.1.x use the v3 directory scheme. So if you run the
newer Tor versions, they won't fetch everything that 0.1.2.x would need
to connect to the network.

You could in theory run matching versions and copy over the directory
data. I bet it would work if you try hard enough.

But might I suggest you try the Tor Browser Bundle, which uses the Tor
0.2.1.x tree and should be generally harder to block than your 0.1.2.x