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I have been using tor for about four months.

Tor release - running on an MS Windows XP SP2 system.

- --------
1) Sea Monkey (Mozilla)
with Polipo 1.0.4

2) MS IE6
with Privoxy 3.0.8

Using either browser, performance has been abysmal (I am not exaggerating).
Time-outs occur, and pages have to be re-loaded.

When I say performance has been abysmal, I mean that average response time has
increased by at least one order of magnitude when compared to using a browser
with a direct connection to the Internet.

On my system, I also have Firefox. Currently, it is not configured to use any
proxy. When it was, performance was as bad as it is using Sea Monkey or MS IE.

I believe I am a fairly typical user in as much as I browse to access
information, news, make reservations, and purchase goods and services.

However, I am also a believer in the value and importance of the function
performed by Tor, and are committed to using it. This is why I am willing to
live with the very poor performance.

However, I do not believe that the vast majority of users are as willing to do so.

I am not sure about the goals of the group developing and managing Tor are. If
there is a desire to provide this very valuable service to the average user,
then I do not see how this can happen until the performance problem has been

Obviously, it could well be that I have made one or more mistakes in configuring
Tor, Polipo, and Privoxy. I would be very glad if this were the case.

I would appreciate any input from the group about this, and any ideas for
improving performance.

Thank you.

Alex Donnini
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