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varying bandwith without stopping tor

I have a node inside
(http://atrent.it/atrentwiki/doku.php?id=tunneled) fastweb network
(a provider of fibre connectivity/telephony) and I noticed that when
I use my phone I experience low quality (metallic) voice transmission.

I assume it's tor bandwith consumption (albeit limited to 100k) and
I'd like to switch tor server bandwith programmatively, by creating
a small daemon that senses voip traffic and lowers tor bandwith
allocation just for the duration of the phone call, without stopping it.

Do you think it's possible? Can I access the control port to drive
tor through a command?

This page (https://www.torproject.org/volunteer.html) mentions a
script that does that, but I did not find any link... :(

Thank you

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