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Re: Bug?

On Sat, Oct 10, 2009 at 06:37:46PM -0400, TorOp wrote:
> On my Tor network map, every relay has a ? next to it instead of the 
> country icon.
> Is this a bug or is there a file I can remove to get it to show properly?
> Platform: Tor on Windows Server 2003 Service Pack 2 [server] 
> {enterprise} {terminal services, single user} {terminal services}

When you open the network map in Vidalia, that tells Vidalia to go find
out what country and city each relay is in. You'll probably notice an
attempt to some-IP-address port 443 appear in the "connection" part of
the network map window.

Once Vidalia finishes doing those fetches (anonymously, via Tor), it
will replace the question marks with flags.

So if your Tor isn't working, that could be one reason why Vidalia hasn't
figured out the country and city yet. Another reason could be that you
haven't let it try enough yet.


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