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Re: Tame circuits

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From: Roger Dingledine <arma@xxxxxxx>
To: or-talk@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
Date: Mon, 12 Oct 2009 17:45:57 -0400
Subject: Re: Tame circuits

> On Sun, Oct 11, 2009 at 03:11:47PM -0700, Mr. Blue wrote:
> > Is there a way to completely stop a Tor from building circuits?!
> > __DisablePredictedCircuits isn't achiving that, as in a middle of some
> >progress Tor will sometimes, arbitrally build 2 or more random circuits
> >AND USE THEM for my stream.
> > PS: I AM aware of stream control and it's __, but wana avoid using it,
> >because of overhead.
> Section 5.4 of control-spec.txt:
>   __LeaveStreamsUnattached
>     If true, Tor will not automatically attach new streams to circuits;
>     instead, the controller must attach them with ATTACHSTREAM.  If the
>     controller does not attach the streams, their data will never be routed.
> Setting that to 1 will prevent Tor from building a circuit in response
> to a socks request. (Setting __DisablePredictedCircuits will prevent
> Tor from building circuits beforehand in anticipation of socks requests.)
> As for overhead, if you want to control circuits, this is how you do it.
> Unless you can suggest a better way.
> --Roger

That is how I already use it.

If __DisablePredictedCircuits would obey it absolutelly, then I wouldn't have to resort to __LeaveStreamsUnattached

When __DisablePredictedCircuits = 1:
If in target node's descriptor is written Exit and it rejects port 80 and it is STILL used to get web page from port 80,
Tor WILL arbitrarly build completely NEW CIRCUIT, and exit randomly!
	Tor build circuits when (__DisablePredictedCircuits = 1) in this cases:
	for user traffic that no current circuit can handle,
	for testing the network 
	and our reachability...
__DisablePredictedCircuits = 1, doesn't give absolute control over circuits!
That is a problem. So I have no option but to pair it with strem-control-super-fun-time!

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