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Re: Less OT: Here's a Solaris crypto acceleration branch to try.

On Wed, 14 Oct 2009, Olaf Selke wrote:

according Phobos' posting from February this year Tor doesn't spend as
much time within AES crypto as commonly expected. Pls look here:

An Intel C2D E8600 cpu for about 200 Euro bucks can handle at least 100
MBit/s tor traffic in software.

Thanks for passing this along.

What load does a typical "modern" CPU like that have while running 100 mbps ?

Further, when this analysis was done, how much of that traffic was established traffic and how much of it was the brokering of new connections ? It is my understanding that running established connections at a high rate is indeed trivial, but running a high rate of constant new connections (lots of asymmetric work there) is where the difficulty lies...

Comments ?

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