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Re: Bitorrent with Tor

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ist@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx wrote:
> Is it possible to run Bitorrent through tor and can I disable it on an 
> exit-Server?
This question has already been addressed with much flames on this very
own mailing list, take a deeper look at the archives ;-)

The answer is "yes and no": if you do a "full-Tor" bittorrent sharing
system, tracker and clients are hidden services inside Tor and noone
from outside can peek at the swarm.
If you use Tor to cover your torrent traffic, the only usable way to do
it is to torify only the communication from your client to the tracker
(which are like http requests), the swarm traffic is not easily
torifyable: you'll end up as a leech and not a sharer because the exit
node will just ignore the connections from the swarm (remember you're
contacting the tracker with the exit ip).
The problem is that client-tracker communication does not carry any
piece of copyrighted material, but this is the usual way to find a
sharer : just fake a torrent client and ask the tracker which ips are in
the swarm, then sue them all. :-)

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