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Re: Tor WIN in germany :)

> Not to detract from this, but it seems like you're accused of your IP
> address conducting fraud, and through that, yourself conducting fraud.
> Is it specifically because of Tor? Or if you ran any proxy software, or
> were an unknowing participant in a botnet, would the charges be any
> different?

It is Tor this time, yes, but it could have happened due to my
anonymous web proxy at https://morphium.info/ aswell, yes. Same

> I'm trying to understand this distinction, because the German press has
> a habit of misunderstanding the details and claiming Tor operators are
> targeted by law enforcement.  The reality could be 500 computers were
> confiscated and 5 were Tor exit nodes.  The press has only focused on
> those 5 tor exit nodes claiming the existence of Tor is the reason for
> the confiscation.  This is incorrect.


> The real reason, at least explained to us to by law enforcement, is the
> computers were targeted because they have a log file, a list of IPs, and
> those who were assigned the IP at the time.  They head out to collect
> all the computers at each address and don't know what to expect.
> If your lawyer wishes to talk about these details in relation to the
> press release, I'm happy to talk to him/them.

His webpage is mentioned in the press release (click "Norman Lenz"),
his eMail address should be on his webpage.

> Still, congrats on your continued freedom.

Thanks! Hope it will last in the next process aswell.

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