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Re: legislative problem in Slovakia

>  Are anonymous electronic services to be prohibited by the EC?
>  Burks

Thx! The second paragraph in this link is a really great counter
to present to legislators. And from Jens himself.

> further: "on the ability of law enforcement bodies to provide security to the citizens in the EU."

LE cannot provide security. They are only there to mop up after the fact.

> regulate... while respecting the European Convention on Human Rights and other principles and guarantees regarding civil liberties in Europe and their obligations under the Treaties. Any such measures must be duly justified and must be proportionate and limited to what is necessary in a democratic society."

HearHear. Save that democracy requires anon.

I had the privilege once of speaking with various policy makers on this
issue at the head of a very large national company. At the end, they felt
that Anon Services were neither good nor bad... eg: acceptable under
the workplace personal endeavour policy. However ultimately a soft ban
came down because they really didn't want to deal with the inbound LE
requests and temporary loss of hardware.
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