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Re: Me <-> Tor <-> VPN <-> Internet?

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On 2010/10/06 11:02 PM, John Brooks wrote:
> On Wed, Oct 6, 2010 at 8:57 PM, Load Bear <loadbearrun@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:

>> I have also noticed that there exist some free VPN services which can be
>> used reasonably anonymously, such as ItsHidden. Thus, I was wondering -
>> is there an easy way to, for lack of a better description, chain
>> proxies, so that the traffic between myself and the VPN is anonymized
>> through Tor, and my traffic between Tor and the internet is encrypted
>> through the VPN?

> Then the traffic between the VPN and the actual destination won't be
> encrypted, so the VPN sees everything you do. Same problem, different place.
> There is no way you can encrypt traffic sent to a destination that doesn't
> know how to decrypt it.

I am aware of that limitation. However, I am currently less concerned
about eavesdroppers between a given VPN and the destination than I am
about Tor exit-node eavesdroppers. Knowing the limitations involved, do
you know of some method to accomplish my expressed goal?

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