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Re: Virtual Machines - what is their use?

I think there are two useful usecases for a vm in combination with tor:

For Hidden Services:
If you run your HS inside a VM, it is harder for a imaginary attacker to
gather the location / identity of the HS.

For a "simple" User:
If you run all the applications inside a vm, it is easier for you to
ensure that there is no "leaking" application, which means that an
application sends traffic which does not go through tor.

good day,

Am 12.10.2010 17:01, schrieb Matthew:
>  Hello,
> There are, from time to time, exhortations to use Virtual Machines
> alongside Tor.
> If an individual is using Tor, Polipo, Torbutton, NoScript, and
> BetterPrivacy then why is a VM needed?
> How can VMs improve one's Tor experience?
> Thanks.
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