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NoScript in version 1.3.10

Hello all.
I've used Tor since 2005. Started with Mac and virtually no problems as long as I use it out of the box. Of course, I have since learned only a little bit more, like configuring Firefox, disabling plug-ins and keeping out extensions. I did try NoScript for a while and didn't like it.

Moved to Windows and use that mostly as the internet where I live is terrible. I go to internet cafes, all the computers are Windows, and the country in which I live blocks more sites than any other country. Now I've been told using a proxy here is illegal but I do anyway.

Well, I recently downloaded and extracted the USB Vidalia/Tor bundle version 1.3.10. It came with NoScript. Is this correct? Well, Vidalia keeps crashing, usually won't open and when it does I get a Google captcha I cannot get past and have to start all over.
When I finally get past it, Tor/Vidalia crashes so it's hard to see what is in the logs. I tried at first just to look at the Network View 'cuz it was taking so long to open Firefox once Tor was open, and that wouldn't work either and finally crashed Vidalia/Tor again.

The options for NoScript are not really clear to me (I keep going over them though), and the icons don't seem to look the same as what is next to the Torbutton toggle and what it shows in the options window when clicked on. So, how do I disable or otherwise get rid of this NoScript, no want?

Why, by the way, is this part of Tor now, rather than an option one can opt out of? I mean, is this supposed to be the new version and has anyone else had this sort of problem?

I stopped using NoScript because I had found information that it could change settings in Privoxy I think, without a client knowing this, so I thought it prudent to be safe, rather than tricked up with bells and whistles like new and neat looking icons in my browser.

Wish I knew someone in this country who really is a tech and knows Tor to learn from.

Thanks for any help, words of advice or just some vice. That would be nice:)