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torwatch - a little script to visualize traffic of a tor node


yesterday evening i got a bit tired of staring at all the numbers in
my /var/lib/tor/state file, so i opened a beer and wrote this little
script i called torwatch (for now).

you can get it from here: http://projects.plentyfact.org/wiki/torwatch

and see it in "action" here: http://savide.plentyfact.net:8080

maybe somebody else finds that useful, i might do some more work on
it next week.



from the torwatch README file: 

"torwatch is a script to visualize the traffic of a tor node. it is
written in lua and uses the GD graphics library to draw the graphs.
toewatch 0.1 was written over a pint of lager in october 2010, so
please do not blame the author if you find it incomplete, buggy or

i could not come up with a better name yet, if yoy have a brilliant
idea, let me know.

torwatch is released unter the GNU Public Licence v3.

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