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Re: DNS with Tor (compared to VPNs).

On Wed, Oct 20, 2010 at 07:18:21PM +0100, pumpkin@xxxxxxxxx wrote 2.0K bytes in 53 lines about:
:  AIUI here is the DNS situation ("leaks") when using an ISP, a VPN, and Tor.
: If I am using my ISPs DNS then they can log the websites via my DNS requests.

The dns server sees every request involving a hostname, IM, web, ssh, etc.

: If I am using a commercial VPN then the VPNs DNS logs the websites.
: However, my ISP does not see the DNS requests (or the website since
: all traffic flows through the encrypted VPN).

It depends on the VPN.  Many vpns don't touch your dns settings,
therefore your local resolver sees the requests.

: If I am using Tor then all DNS resolution is done by the Tor exit
: node.  No DNS requests leave my computer unencrypted - unlike in the
: previous two examples.

If the apps are set to use tor correctly, yes.

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