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Re: [tor-talk] Wikimedia and Tor

On Wed, 2014-10-01 at 16:33 -0400, Derric Atzrott wrote:
> > So then blocking Tor is intended to block people that temporarily have
> > access to large amounts of unblocked IP addresses, but usually are IP
> > blocked?
> > 
> > Who does this apply to? If a vandal has access to unblocked IP addresses
> > to make accounts, they can just use those to edit or sockpuppet.
> So I don't actually administer blocks on English Wikipedia, and I am not
> an editor on any other language Wikipedias, but on English Wikipedia this
> is what I understand the process to be.
> When a user acts up and has an account we temporarily block that account.
> If they decided to create another account we usually block the new account
> permanently and hard-block the IP address that they are accessing the site
> from.  This prevent them from making a new account or sockpuppeting while
> logged out.  Most users don't evade blocks, so this tends to work pretty
> well.
> With Tor unblocked a significant minority of those users who had their
> IP
> address hard-blocked will use Tor to create new accounts and continue
> to cause problems.  With Tor blocked they have to find another means.
> Some of them do, but most of them give up.  Its a war of attrition.
> We know that problematic people /will/ find a way to cause a problem,
> we just make it expensive enough that they get bored and don't bother.

With Tor soft-blocked, this problem goes away. What am I missing?

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