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[tor-talk] another video link. good stark examples of tor anonymity protecting people


more social and political change data but with more examples than the previous video mentioned regarding the very real dangers involved trying to speak one's beliefs in an oppressive regime.  worse case death.

Published on Aug 30, 2013

Tor developers Roger Dingledine and Jacob Appelbaum talk about how exactly governments are doing the blocking, both in terms of what signatures they filter in Tor (and how Tor has gotten around the blocking in each case), and what technologies they use to deploy the filters -- including the use of Western technology to operate the surveillance and censorship infrastructure in Tunisia (Smartfilter), Syria (Bluecoat), and other countries. They cover what they've learned about the mindset of the censor operators (who in many cases don't want to block Tor because they use it), and how we can measure and track the wide-scale censorship in these countries. Last, they explain Tor's development plans to get ahead of the address harvesting and handshake DPI arms races.
(Iran blocked Tor handshakes using Deep Packet Inspection (DPI) in January 2011 and September 2011. Bluecoat tested out a Tor handshake filter in Syria in June 2011. China has been harvesting and blocking IP addresses for both public Tor relays  and private Tor bridges for years.)


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