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Re: [tor-talk] How does Tor help abuse victims?

On 10/7/14, Mirimir <mirimir@xxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> On 10/06/2014 04:43 PM, garyr22@xxxxxxxxxxxxx wrote:
>> The reason people find problems with Tor is because the importance of
>> privacy is hidden in a mystery. Most people don't understand the
>> reason Tor exist so, how can they judge it? The problem is that it's
>> easier to focus on evil than it is to focus on good. The good Tor
>> offers is much weightier than the bad. The good is harder to see
>> because it's not as tangible as the bad. For those that understand
>> the details behind the importance of privacy, the good is much
>> weightier than the bad. This is just a matter of truly understanding
>> the problem Tor was designed to handle. Can the people finding
>> problems with Tor correctly describe problem Tor was designed to
>> handle?
> Some of them understand all too well, I think. What they actually oppose
> are freedom and the right to privacy. The "evil users" that they focus
> on are just strawmen. They embody the "problem [that] Tor was designed
> to handle".

For those opposed to the right to privacy, privacy -is- the problem.

There are (gasp) those who would give up liberty (or rather, have
others give up their liberty), in order to (attempt to, but ultimately
fail to) control so-called liberty abusers.

'Give up freedom for safety, and you will lose both' as the saying goes.

Applicable regardless of the right chosen to discuss/think about:
speech/ expression, movement/travel, learning/reading, defence/bearing
arms, etc etc.


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>>>>> On 2014-10-01 13:20, Sebastian G. <bastik.tor> wrote:
>>>> the abuser ... he/she (mostly he)
>>> Abuse knows no such boundaries, only statistics.
>>>> The people I work with are writing about Tor, and so far, the
>>>> negatives keep far outweighing the positives, meaning that the
>>>> ultimate analysis is likely to draw negative conclusions.
>>> That's because that's what they've grown and wish to see and
>>> report, particularly in the news for ratings, and in negative
>>> politics. Tor and the like are merely tools. As with statistics,
>>> sometimes and with some subjects, you will be hard pressed to find
>>> the alternative evidence you seek... daylight carries risk to good
>>> as well. Yet if you can imagine it, it's there. Blue pill, red
>>> pill... free your mind... whole new worlds of usage will open up.
>>> That's where the oppurtunity for unique ratings worthy analysis,
>>> reporting, and policy making resides.

Banned for life from Debian, for suggesting Debian's CoC
is being swung in our faces a little too vigorously.
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