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[tor-talk] Double-checking a couple questions about node churn rate

I have a couple questions which I could probably find the answer to on
my own by writing up some scripts and doing a little research, but I
figured I'd ask here first in case anyone already knows the answer and
can take 30 seconds to reply:

1. Does anyone have an idea of what the usual churn rate is for Tor
nodes? (I'm guessing fairly low for most nodes, but if anyone has even
rough numbers, that would help...)
2. How common is it for a node to change its exit policy and go from
being a relay-only node to an exit node (and vice versa)? If a node did
change, how quickly would that be reflected in Onionoo? (I'm guessing
the answers are rare and at most an hour after the change, respectively.)

I realize these are vague questions, so even
order-of-magnitude-rough-guess answers would be appreciated!


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