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[tor-talk] Possible Whois demasking of Tor using

Hello, listers!

I have detected that some IP addres of obfs3 briges have demasking
WHOIS information. 

For example

obfs3 bridge with IP at range -

(there are several bridges; I dont want to publish it at the list but
can send by private messages if somebody wants).

RIPE WhoIs tool at https://apps.db.ripe.net/search/query.html

reports on this address:

inetnum: -
netname:         ZWIEBELFREUNDE
descr:           Zwiebelfreunde e.V.


address:         Palaisplatz 3
address:         01097 Dresden
address:         Germany
phone:           +49-351-21296018
fax-no:          +49-911-3084466748
abuse-mailbox:   abuse@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx
remarks:         ---------------------------------
remarks:         This network is used for research
remarks:         in anonymization services and
remarks:         provides Tor exit nodes to end
remarks:         users.
remarks:         ---------------------------------
remarks:         Dieser Netzblock wird zur
remarks:         Erforschung von Anonymisierungs-
remarks:         techniken genutzt und stellt
remarks:         Endnutzern Tor zur Verfuegung.
remarks:         ---------------------------------
remarks:         http://www.torservers.net/abuse.html
remarks:         ---------------------------------
nic-hdl:         MB22990-RIPE

I think these whois data and remarks easy can demasking using
of Tor network by ISPs. Also it may cause blocking of bridges IP in
some areas. - IP range has the same problem.

I wrote to Tor developers about this but have no answer received yet.

WBR, Michael Hock
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