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Re: [tor-talk] List Administrivia

> please give ed snow den my e mail thanks
> i just got punkd
> 'Kenneth, what is the frequency" circa 1986

Greg, I applaud your thoroughness in your search, in that you know he uses
Tor, so you figure you might as well check here, but everyone here has said
they can't help you.  Several have offered up alternative venues (like
contacting Greenwald).

> While you're at it, block this loser too.

> Expecting someone on tor-talk to hook you up with Snowden is
> unrealistic. Asking so many times was rude.

I would agree with blocking Greg at this point.  The emails are off-topic and
mildly annoying.  I would also tend to agree that asking repeatedly for
someone to hook you up with Ed Snowden is rude.

He has also emailed me personally off-list tried to get in touch with me in
other venues.

Thank you,
Derric Atzrott

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