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Re: [tor-talk] updating Tor

On 10/19/14, Lunar <lunar@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> Hartmut Haase:
>> how do I update Tor in Linux without loosing my data? InWin7 it is quite
>> easy.
> Tor Browser 4.0 now contains an automated upgrade system. To start the
> update, go to the Help menu, open About Tor Browser. If there's an
> upgrade available, there will be a button right there.

Some of us support/admin more than one computer of the same OS.
Does this TBB 4.0 upgrade-with-state function, support offline upgrade
on Debian GNU/Linux - ie download installer, save somewhere, and
update an existing TBB installation, maintaining state (eg guard node,

Banned for life from Debian, for suggesting Debian's CoC
is being swung in our faces a little too vigorously.
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