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Re: [tor-talk] What was the academic paper in which

On 2014-10-19 22:43, Rick wrote:
The "DoJ... 3%" reference was in the 20C3 talk (2013) by RD & JA at
about 11 minutes in. I've got the video and don't recall where I got
it but it wasn't YouTube. The talk at that point was about the
perception of Tor and a slide was put up with four bullet points, the
first of which was "Doj's aborted study finding 3% bad content on the
Tor network".
Both RD & JA briefly commented on it but there's little more than what
Andrew has already conveyed. I'll be happy to transcribe that portion
here if you can't find the video.
IMO, though the 20C3 production values weren't the best, the talk
itself was one of the better ones. It's a keeper.

29c3's the Tor Software Ecosystem - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Rnbc_9JnVtc

Details are spotty, and probably will continue to be spotty unless the researchers decide to release the data (seems unlikely at this point).

"I believe that usability is a security concern; systems that do
not pay close attention to the human interaction factors involved
risk failing to provide security by failing to attract users."
~Len Sassaman
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