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[tor-talk] Orbot/Tor talk at MIT tomorrow


Anonymity on the Go: The Possibilities and Problems of Tor on Mobile
This talk discusses what possibilities exist for communicating more
freely on a mobile device. How can we stop telcos, ISPs, and our
governments from tracking the apps we use, the sites we visit, and the
people we communicate with, all tagged with our location data? How can
we ensure that we have open and unthrottled access to the services we
need, no matter where we are? While not a panacea, Tor is one project
working to address these questions, and for five years, has been
supporting mobile devices, as well.

Speaker: Nathan Freitas is the lead developer of Orbot, Tor for Android,
and the Orweb and Orfox privacy enhanced mobile web browsers. He also
founded the Guardian Project, a five year old effort that creates
easy-to-use open source apps, mobile OS security enhancements, and
customized mobile devices for people around the world to help them
communicate more freely, and protect themselves from intrusion and
Thursday, October 23, 12pm - 1:30pm, 37-252 (Marlar Lounge), RSVP
required (email myeaton@xxxxxxx) to attend and receive a free lunch.
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