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[tor-talk] recent firefox releases

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Dear Sirs,


as far as I understand, recent Firefox releases do not support anymore Vidalia and its related possibility to browse anonymously. Though the "onion" button is still present on the top left corner, it will not work, as you know.

The alternative is to use Tor Browser. The problem is that you don't always want or need to browse anonymously every time you connect to internet and have then to wait for a few seconds (30+) your browser till it gets the line through its Tor.

Of course Icould use and older version of Firefox, like release 4, for instance, but this is far to old for a satisfactory and safe browsing.

So what can I do? I can not have two different versions of Firefox (i.e. Tor Browser + Firefox 31) on my PC, because they interfere the one with the other, trying to share, for example, the same Extensions folder and so on.


The alternative is to use two different browsers, like Chrome and Tor Browser. But what about if I only wanted to use Firefox? Is'n there a way to have a version of Firefox with the option to browse anonymously on demand only anymore?




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