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[tor-talk] Tor is now released!

Hi, all!

The first alpha release for the 0.2.6 series has just been tagged and
uploaded.  Packages should become available some some operating
systems over the next several days; and I hope I didn't miss the
cutoff to get this into the TBB alpha.

There's a lot more to come in the 0.2.6 series, but we'd accumulated
enough changes that a release made sense.

best wishes,

     -- Nick

Changes in version - 2014-10-30
  Tor is the first release in the Tor 0.2.6.x series. It
  includes numerous code cleanups and new tests, and fixes a large
  number of annoying bugs. Out-of-memory conditions are handled better
  than in 0.2.5, pluggable transports have improved proxy support, and
  clients now use optimistic data for contacting hidden services. Also,
  we are now more robust to changes in what we consider a parseable
  directory object, so that tightening restrictions does not have a risk
  of introducing infinite download loops.

  This is the first alpha release in a new series, so expect there to be
  bugs. Users who would rather test out a more stable branch should stay
  with 0.2.5.x for now.

  o New compiler and system requirements:
    - Tor 0.2.6.x requires that your compiler support more of the C99
      language standard than before. The 'configure' script now detects
      whether your compiler supports C99 mid-block declarations and
      designated initializers. If it does not, Tor will not compile.

      We may revisit this requirement if it turns out that a significant
      number of people need to build Tor with compilers that don't
      bother implementing a 15-year-old standard. Closes ticket 13233.
    - Tor no longer supports systems without threading support. When we
      began working on Tor, there were several systems that didn't have
      threads, or where the thread support wasn't able to run the
      threads of a single process on multiple CPUs. That no longer
      holds: every system where Tor needs to run well now has threading
      support. Resolves ticket 12439.

  o Removed platform support:
    - We no longer include special code to build on Windows CE; as far
      as we know, nobody has used Tor on Windows CE in a very long time.
      Closes ticket 11446.

  o Major features (bridges):
    - Expose the outgoing upstream HTTP/SOCKS proxy to pluggable
      transports if they are configured via the "TOR_PT_PROXY"
      environment variable. Implements proposal 232. Resolves
      ticket 8402.

  o Major features (client performance, hidden services):
    - Allow clients to use optimistic data when connecting to a hidden
      service, which should remove a round-trip from hidden service
      initialization. See proposal 181 for details. Implements
      ticket 13211.

  o Major features (directory system):
    - Upon receiving an unparseable directory object, if its digest
      matches what we expected, then don't try to download it again.
      Previously, when we got a descriptor we didn't like, we would keep
      trying to download it over and over. Closes ticket 11243.

  o Major features (sample torrc):
    - Add a new, infrequently-changed "torrc.minimal". This file is
      similar to torrc.sample, but it will change as infrequently as
      possible, for the benefit of users whose systems prompt them for
      intervention whenever a default configuration file is changed.
      Making this change allows us to update torrc.sample to be a more
      generally useful "sample torrc".

  o Major bugfixes (directory authorities):
    - Do not assign the HSDir flag to relays if they are not Valid, or
      currently hibernating. Fixes #12573. Bugfix on tor-

  o Major bugfixes (directory bandwidth performance):
    - Don't flush the zlib buffer aggressively when compressing
      directory information for clients. This should save about 7% of
      the bandwidth currently used for compressed descriptors and
      microdescriptors. Fixes bug 11787; bugfix on

  o Minor features (security, memory wiping):
    - Ensure we securely wipe keys from memory after
      crypto_digest_get_digest and init_curve25519_keypair_from_file
      have finished using them. Resolves ticket 13477.

  o Minor features (security, out-of-memory handling):
    - When handling an out-of-memory condition, allocate less memory for
      temporary data structures. Fixes issue 10115.
    - When handling an out-of-memory condition, consider more types of
      buffers, including those on directory connections, and zlib
      buffers. Resolves ticket 11792.

  o Minor features:
    - When identity keypair is generated for first time, log a
      congratulatory message that links to the new relay lifecycle
      document. Implements feature 10427.

  o Minor features (client):
    - Clients are now willing to send optimistic data (before they
      receive a 'connected' cell) to relays of any version. (Relays
      without support for optimistic data are no longer supported on the
      Tor network.) Resolves ticket 13153.

  o Minor features (directory authorities):
    - Don't list relays with a bandwidth estimate of 0 in the consensus.
      Implements a feature proposed during discussion of bug 13000.
    - In tor-gencert, report an error if the user provides the same
      argument more than once.
    - If a directory authority can't find a best consensus method in the
      votes that it holds, it now falls back to its favorite consensus
      method. Previously, it fell back to method 1. Neither of these is
      likely to get enough signatures, but "fall back to favorite"
      doesn't require us to maintain support an obsolete consensus
      method. Implements part of proposal 215.

  o Minor features (logging):
    - On Unix-like systems, you can now use named pipes as the target of
      the Log option, and other options that try to append to files.
      Closes ticket 12061. Patch from "carlo von lynX".
    - When opening a log file at startup, send it every log message that
      we generated between startup and opening it. Previously, log
      messages that were generated before opening the log file were only
      logged to stdout. Closes ticket 6938.
    - Add a TruncateLogFile option to overwrite logs instead of
      appending to them. Closes ticket #5583.

  o Minor features (portability, Solaris):
    - Threads are no longer disabled by default on Solaris; we believe
      that the versions of Solaris with broken threading support are all
      obsolete by now. Resolves ticket 9495.

  o Minor features (relay):
    - Re-check our address after we detect a changed IP address from
      getsockname(). This ensures that the controller command "GETINFO
      address" will report the correct value. Resolves ticket 11582.
      Patch from "ra".
    - A new AccountingRule option lets Relays set whether they'd like
      AccountingMax to be applied separately to inbound and outbound
      traffic, or applied to the sum of inbound and outbound traffic.
      Resolves ticket 961. Patch by "chobe".

  o Minor features (testing networks):
    - Add the TestingDirAuthVoteExit option, which lists nodes to assign
      the "Exit" flag regardless of their uptime, bandwidth, or exit
      policy. TestingTorNetwork must be set for this option to have any
      effect. Previously, authorities would take up to 35 minutes to
      give nodes the Exit flag in a test network. Partially implements
      ticket 13161.

  o Minor features (validation):
    - Check all date/time values passed to tor_timegm and
      parse_rfc1123_time for validity, taking leap years into account.
      Improves HTTP header validation. Implemented with bug 13476.
    - In correct_tm(), limit the range of values returned by system
      localtime(_r) and gmtime(_r) to be between the years 1 and 8099.
      This means we don't have to deal with negative or too large dates,
      even if a clock is wrong. Otherwise we might fail to read a file
      written by us which includes such a date. Fixes bug 13476.

  o Minor bugfixes (bridge clients):
    - When configured to use a bridge without an identity digest (not
      recommended), avoid launching an extra channel to it when
      bootstrapping. Fixes bug 7733; bugfix on

  o Minor bugfixes (bridges):
    - When DisableNetwork is set, do not launch pluggable transport
      plugins, and if any are running, terminate them. Fixes bug 13213;
      bugfix on

  o Minor bugfixes (C correctness):
    - Fix several instances of possible integer overflow/underflow/NaN.
      Fixes bug 13104; bugfix on and later. Patches
      from "teor".
    - In circuit_build_times_calculate_timeout() in circuitstats.c,
      avoid dividing by zero in the pareto calculations. This traps
      under clang's "undefined-trap" sanitizer. Fixes bug 13290; bugfix
      on tor-
    - Fix an integer overflow in format_time_interval(). Fixes bug
      13393; bugfix on
    - Set the correct day of year value when the system's localtime(_r)
      or gmtime(_r) functions fail to set struct tm. Not externally
      visible. Fixes bug 13476; bugfix on 0.0.2pre14.
    - Avoid unlikely signed integer overflow in tor_timegm on systems
      with 32-bit time_t. Fixes bug 13476; bugfix on 0.0.2pre14.

  o Minor bugfixes (client):
    - Fix smartlist_choose_node_by_bandwidth() so that relays with the
      BadExit flag are not considered worthy candidates. Fixes bug
      13066; bugfix on
    - Use the consensus schedule for downloading consensuses, and not
      the generic schedule. Fixes bug 11679; bugfix on
    - Handle unsupported or malformed SOCKS5 requests properly by
      responding with the appropriate error message before closing the
      connection. Fixes bugs 12971 and 13314; bugfix on 0.0.2pre13.

  o Minor bugfixes (client, torrc):
    - Stop modifying the value of our DirReqStatistics torrc option just
      because we're not a bridge or relay. This bug was causing Tor
      Browser users to write "DirReqStatistics 0" in their torrc files
      as if they had chosen to change the config. Fixes bug 4244; bugfix
    - When GeoIPExcludeUnkonwn is enabled, do not incorrectly decide
      that our options have changed every time we SIGHUP. Fixes bug
      9801; bugfix on Patch from "qwerty1".

  o Minor bugfixes (controller):
    - Return an error when the second or later arguments of the
      "setevents" controller command are invalid events. Previously we
      would return success while silently skipping invalid events. Fixes
      bug 13205; bugfix on Reported by "fpxnns".

  o Minor bugfixes (directory system):
    - Always believe that v3 directory authorities serve extra-info
      documents, whether they advertise "caches-extra-info" or not.
      Fixes part of bug 11683; bugfix on
    - When running as a v3 directory authority, advertise that you serve
      extra-info documents so that clients who want them can find them
      from you too. Fixes part of bug 11683; bugfix on
    - Check the BRIDGE_DIRINFO flag bitwise rather than using equality.
      Previously, directories offering BRIDGE_DIRINFO and some other
      flag (i.e. microdescriptors or extrainfo) would be ignored when
      looking for bridges. Partially fixes bug 13163; bugfix

  o Minor bugfixes (networking):
    - Check for orconns and use connection_or_close_for_error() rather
      than connection_mark_for_close() directly in the getsockopt()
      failure case of connection_handle_write_impl(). Fixes bug 11302;
      bugfix on

  o Minor bugfixes (relay):
    - When generating our family list, remove spaces from around the
      entries. Fixes bug 12728; bugfix on
    - If our previous bandwidth estimate was 0 bytes, allow publishing a
      new relay descriptor immediately. Fixes bug 13000; bugfix

  o Minor bugfixes (testing networks):
    - Fix TestingDirAuthVoteGuard to properly give out Guard flags in a
      testing network. Fixes bug 13064; bugfix on
    - Stop using the default authorities in networks which provide both
      AlternateDirAuthority and AlternateBridgeAuthority. Partially
      fixes bug 13163; bugfix on

  o Minor bugfixes (testing):
    - Stop spawn test failures due to a race condition between the
      SIGCHLD handler updating the process status, and the test reading
      it. Fixes bug 13291; bugfix on

  o Minor bugfixes (testing, Windows):
    - Avoid passing an extra backslash when creating a temporary
      directory for running the unit tests on Windows. Fixes bug 12392;
      bugfix on Patch from Gisle Vanem.

  o Minor bugfixes (windows):
    - Remove code to special-case handling of NTE_BAD_KEYSET when
      acquiring windows CryptoAPI context. This error can't actually
      occur for the parameters we're providing. Fixes bug 10816; bugfix
      on 0.0.2pre26.

  o Minor bugfixes (zlib):
    - Avoid truncating a zlib stream when trying to finalize it with an
      empty output buffer. Fixes bug 11824; bugfix on

  o Build fixes:
    - Allow our configure script to build correctly with autoconf 2.62
      again. Fixes bug 12693; bugfix on
    - Improve the error message from ./configure to make it clear that
      when asciidoc has not been found, the user will have to either add
      --disable-asciidoc argument or install asciidoc. Resolves
      ticket 13228.

  o Code simplification and refactoring:
    - Change the entry_is_live() function to take named bitfield
      elements instead of an unnamed list of booleans. Closes
      ticket 12202.
    - Refactor and unit-test entry_is_time_to_retry() in entrynodes.c.
      Resolves ticket 12205.
    - Use calloc and reallocarray functions in preference to multiply-
      then-malloc. This makes it less likely for us to fall victim to an
      integer overflow attack when allocating. Resolves ticket 12855.
    - Use the standard macro name SIZE_MAX, instead of our
      own SIZE_T_MAX.
    - Document usage of the NO_DIRINFO and ALL_DIRINFO flags clearly in
      functions which take them as arguments. Replace 0 with NO_DIRINFO
      in a function call for clarity. Seeks to prevent future issues
      like 13163.
    - Avoid 4 null pointer errors under clang shallow analysis by using
      tor_assert() to prove that the pointers aren't null. Fixes
      bug 13284.
    - Rework the API of policies_parse_exit_policy() to use a bitmask to
      represent parsing options, instead of a confusing mess of
      booleans. Resolves ticket 8197.
    - Introduce a helper function to parse ExitPolicy in
      or_options_t structure.

  o Documentation:
    - Add a doc/TUNING document with tips for handling large numbers of
      TCP connections when running busy Tor relay. Update the warning
      message to point to this file when running out of sockets
      operating system is allowing to use simultaneously. Resolves
      ticket 9708.

  o Removed code:
    - We no longer remind the user about configuration options that have
      been obsolete since 0.2.3.x or earlier. Patch by Adrien Bak.

  o Removed features:
    - Remove the --disable-curve25519 configure option. Relays and
      clients now are required to support curve25519 and the
      ntor handshake.
    - The old "StrictEntryNodes" and "StrictExitNodes" options, which
      used to be deprecated synonyms for "StrictNodes", are now marked
      obsolete. Resolves ticket 12226.
    - The "AuthDirRejectUnlisted" option no longer has any effect, as
      the fingerprints file (approved-routers) has been deprecated.
    - Directory authorities do not support being Naming dirauths anymore.
      The "NamingAuthoritativeDir" config option is now obsolete.
    - Directory authorities do not support giving out the BadDirectory
      flag anymore.
    - Clients don't understand the BadDirectory flag in the consensus
      anymore, and ignore it.

  o Testing:
    - Refactor the function that chooses guard nodes so that it can more
      easily be tested; write some tests for it.
    - Fix and re-enable the fgets_eagain unit test. Fixes bug 12503;
      bugfix on Patch from "cypherpunks."
    - Create unit tests for format_time_interval(). With bug 13393.
    - Add unit tests for tor_timegm signed overflow, tor_timegm and
      parse_rfc1123_time validity checks, correct_tm year clamping. Unit
      tests (visible) fixes in bug 13476.
    - Add a "coverage-html" make target to generate HTML-visualized
      coverage results when building with --enable-coverage. (Requires
      lcov.) Patch from Kevin Murray.
    - Enable the backtrace handler (where supported) when running the
      unit tests.
    - Revise all unit tests that used the legacy test_* macros to
      instead use the recommended tt_* macros. This patch was generated
      with coccinelle, to avoid manual errors. Closes ticket 13119.

  o Distribution (systemd):
    - systemd unit file: only allow tor to write to /var/lib/tor and
      /var/log/tor. The rest of the filesystem is accessible for reading
      only. Patch by intrigeri; resolves ticket 12751.
    - systemd unit file: ensure that the process and all its children
      can never gain new privileges. Patch by intrigeri; resolves
      ticket 12939.
    - systemd unit file: set up /var/run/tor as writable for the Tor
      service. Patch by intrigeri; resolves ticket 13196.

  o Removed features (directory authorities):
    - Remove code that prevented authorities from listing Tor relays
      affected by CVE-2011-2769 as guards. These relays are already
      rejected altogether due to the minimum version requirement of Closes ticket 13152.
    - Directory authorities no longer advertise or support consensus
      methods 1 through 12 inclusive. These consensus methods were
      obsolete and/or insecure: maintaining the ability to support them
      served no good purpose. Implements part of proposal 215; closes
      ticket 10163.

  o Testing (test-network.sh):
    - Stop using "echo -n", as some shells' built-in echo doesn't
      support "-n". Instead, use "/bin/echo -n". Partially fixes
      bug 13161.
    - Stop an apparent test-network hang when used with make -j2. Fixes
      bug 13331.
    - Add a --delay option to test-network.sh, which configures the
      delay before the chutney network tests for data transmission.
      Partially implements ticket 13161.
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