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Re: [tor-talk] KARMA POLICE

On 10/1/15, Ryan Carboni <ryacko@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> http://arstechnica.com/tech-policy/2013/06/exclusive-in-2009-ed-snowden-said-leakers-should-be-shot-then-he-became-one/
> https://theintercept.com/2015/09/25/gchq-radio-porn-spies-track-web-users-online-identities/
> Yep.
> Time to create a massive donation drive for Tor.

I applaud and share your enthusiasm and intention. But.

The assumption that "enough money will solve the problem" is generally false.

What is needed is a supra-tor or supra-"supplied by the govt/ isp"
physical network layer - or at least enough nodes in a 'slightly new
design' network which can use those nodes (assuming there are enough
of them, which might be large number, I have no idea).

That means individuals setting up their own links between them and
their neighbors. Neighbors is a loose concept - wireless links can hop
a fair distance.

The principle is:
- if you don't control it, if you did not physically set it up, it monitors you;
- if you don't install and 'control' the software running on the
hardware, it monitors you;
- if your hardware is backdoored before you receive it (e.g. built in
hidden other-than-wifi radio, keylogging cpu microcode, full hidden
net sniffing computer in your ethernet port), notwithstanding the
software you install on it, it monitors you.

There is so much room for necessary improvement that the situation is
depressingly grim.

TBB/Tor is at least something - just be sure you understand what it
is, and what it is not.

Good luck and surf safe,
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