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Re: [tor-talk] KARMA POLICE


It just simply doesn't matter.

To have a modern lifestyle, depends upon having devices of dubious or poor
security. The government has shown a willingness to accumulate dossiers
(seemingly including IRC chats), and then leak them when it serves their
own needs.

Our Congress is criminally incompetent. The chairman of the House Oversight
committee just had his secret service application leaked, and there is no
threat of the the most powerful tools that Congress has: appropriations
micromanagement (famously done in Congressional reconstruction) or
impeachment. The same goes for Benghazi (which probably was a meeting with
a rebel group that went sour). I think our government is more malicious and
less competent than Hoover's FBI.

For comparison:

âAnother early Bureau practice was to index names on lists when the list
reflected possible association with a subversive group (e.g. Communist
Party petitions or subscriptions to the Daily People's World), or where the
names might have future reference value (American Legion contacts, loyalty
forms). The heavy demands on staff time and resources, however, and the
absence of substantial information about the individuals whose names
appeared in the this context caused the Bureau to limit indexing in these
areas. In 1949 the Executive Conference decided that names on Communist
Party petitions and subscription lists to the Daily Worker and Daily
People's World be indexed in the appropriate field office only.â
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