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Re: [tor-talk] Accessing Cloudflare sites on TBB

Virgil Griffith wrote:
For unrelated reasons I'm meeting with Cloudflare. Can someone enlighten
me on the current state of the captcha situation?  Presuming they are
unwilling to completely drop the captcha, what would be a step in the right

The last I heard from Cloudflare is:

What is a step they can take right now for improving Tor user experience?

A main issue is that the captcha simply loops instead of allowing access to the website. This is intermittent, so not sure if this is because they are trying to fix the issue, or if the issue happens more often on sites that have a lot of traffic (and all the traffic can be assumed to come from different sources). This is a pretty basic issue, which they know exists, and I hear endless complaints about. If you hit the captcha-loop, you're likely not to be able to access the website at all.

Another is increasing the size of the user-defined whitelists. Right now, the list only allows 200 IPs, which is insufficient if a highly-technical user wants to manually whitelist Tor exits. This actually kept me personally from being a user -- that $200+/month instead goes to Amazon and Azure because I don't want Tor users penalized when they come to my sites.


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