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Re: [tor-talk] Question

On 10/12/15, sh-expires-12-2015@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
<sh-expires-12-2015@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> Mozilla browser (and plugins) more or less hardwired to Tor.

there are also significant numbers of browser hardening and
configuration tuning for privacy, beyond just plugins and the Tor

this is the fun part!

(seeing how diff. plugins, browser capabilities affect the ability to
"de-anonymize" you, or affect your privacy)

>>  - TAILS
> Distribution (app-armored) failing to boot, when no NIC is
> present or detected (last time I checked).

you track current? ;)

>>  - TransProxy [
>> https://trac.torproject.org/projects/tor/wiki/doc/TransparentProxy ]
> Well, if insanity is defined by doing the same stuff and expecting
> different results, you should check yourself.

TransProxy does indeed provide different results, depending on client
behind the proxy.

"Using a Tor circuit and exit" is sometimes synonymous with "Perfectly
and uniquely identified". E.g. doing it wrong. Also part of the fun!

> Sorry, if you feel like I bash you, but you are being stupid or
> trying to troll OP. The way Tor operates, isn't changed by browser,
> OS (w/w/o VMs) or a proxy. Is there point in trying this?

it is indeed changed; the subtle differences the height of fun and
enjoyable learning.

best regards,
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